03/06/2018 06:00am

Leo, a friend of Elsa, joined us for few days. He rented a motorcycle. This morning, I we went for a ride, to see the sunrise out of the city.
He is the driver, I am the passenger. I appreciate being behind, gripped to the chest of Léo. I have time to admire the landscape without worrying about traffic and Leo is happy to drive : we both have chosen our sits.
Then I look at other bikes around. All couples and families are organised like this : the man drives, the woman follows. Some women drive alone, but if a man is on board, he will be in front. It's so obvious, it's so unanimous, that it takes a while to wonder why.
Only one reason for this : driving is enhancing. The one who drives decides, he is symbolically on the side of the force. However, if you need strength and courage to control a vehicle, you need it also to sit behind, trust the driver and accept to risk your life blindly.
If being a passenger was concidered as heroic, would we see more women driving ?