04/07/2017 12:00pm

Isme, our host, knowns Renato since 40 years: she was the little sister of a friend from the MIR. During the dictatorship, she came in France. She has been the baby sitter of Maïa.
" I think you noticed that in Chile, family is very important. Mine has been divided by politic. We were four brothers and sister, we used to meet very often with our uncles, aunts and cousins. When Pinochet arrived at the head of the government, my life changed irremediably. I was very close to my elder brother.  In opposition to the rest of the family, he was involved on the left side. He was a forger for the MIR, this is how we knew Renato. For us, the dictatorship means exile. He moved to Cuba, where he went into business, I lived in France, Cuba, Santiago again, and finally Valparaiso. "