09/02/2014 05:00pm

We decide to visit the villages around Xanthi.
People told us that in the mountain lives a special community named "the Pomakoi".

The Pomakoi are muslims. They are blond, with pale skin and blue eyes. They live in Greece,
but are considered like a population that came from Turkey. When they are children,
they learn to speak pomak and greek, then they have to go in a special primary school to learn turkish.
After that, they go back to the secondary school in greek. For some of them, it is a bit confusing.
The women still wear the traditional dress, a mix of colorful clothes. We choose at the random
to stop in the village of Miki, and we have been incredibly welcomed. In less than one hour I found myself
sharing a moment with women working while Loukas plays football with the children. If we continue
the road throughout the mountain, we arrive in Bulgaria.