Hi, this is the "zucchinis stuffed with spices" indian recipe, translation at the end.

1. Cut some oignons. Wach and empty the zucchinis (as little zucchinis as possible)

2. In a wak, put 2 soup spoons of oil.

3. Add a tiny spoon of cumin, a slice of cinammon, a laurel leave, a clove and some fresh curry leaves.

4. Put the oignons in the wak.

5. Add 2 cloves of smached garlic. It starts to smell good.

6. When the oignons start to be brown, add a bowl of chickpea powder, and then add 4 tiny spoon of coriander powder, 1 tiny spoon of salt, an half tiny spoon of turmeric, an half tiny spoon of red chili, 1 tiny spoon of mango powder (you can put some lemon juice instead) and 2 pinches of massala.

7. Wait a little. All that together make a sort of dough in the wak. You take it and you stuff the empty zucchinis.

8. Then in a pot, you put 2 soup spoons of oil. You add 1 tiny spoon of cumin, 1 cinammon slice, 1 clove, 1 laurel leave.

9. You cover, you wait, and you serve with rice when it looks very good. Hmmmm.