My name is Sophie Raynal.
Since I could hold a pencil, I imagine, draw and tell stories.

After 15 years of drawing classes and studies at the Arts Décoratifs in Paris,
I spent several years sharing art projects, music, and graphics.
Until the day my initial passion bypassed the others.

The idea of ​​a whole trip being told in drawings, sound and text, tickled my mind.
So I created the site "Prête moi tes yeux " (Lend me your eyes), filled a backpack with pencils and watercolors,
slipped a recorder in my pocket, and left.

On 1st November 2013 in New Delhi began an improvised journey that will lead me
across India, Cambodia, Vietnam, Senegal, Colombia and finally Greece. Daily posts were sent
to the website and remain available by topics in the " travel logs " or chronologically through
the calendar on the home page. If you want to start by the beginning, just go to the departure day.

Back in France a year later (with more than 1000 drawings under the arm),
I continue to move throughout Europe, and make sound-drawings and reports.
"Prête moi tes yeux " (Lend me your eyes) became a regular road book.
End of 2015 I reorganized the site as a platform where I present all
my achievements and proposals.

Feel free to check it out, find my projects and tell me about yours.