04/17/2017 12:00pm
« At first I was on the ground. I no longer trusted anyone, or anything. Except myself, because I knew what I had done. Thanks to that, I was able to get up. And I found myself face to face with other comrades. We realized that we were still able to stand together. It was very important for all of us. We lived all that in a very peculiar way : neither defeatist nor misrerabilist. It was fun, despite everything. »
Renato, why do you want to witness about all those stories?
« I am part of an association in Paris, for the memory of the Chilean exiles. One day, we decided to record speeches about our experiences : I took the microphone and I talked during 8 hours! Well, that's one more testimony. Maybe it can add a brick to the human building, to avoid the same mistakes. Not right now, I do not believe that so much. Clearly, we tend not to understand. After a war, we say "never again,  never again", and boom, we fight again few years later. But who knows,… Maybe one day, by dint of remembering... »