Graphic Facilitation

Meetings, conventions, seminars, symposia and companies

Graphic facilitation is a practice that allows the apprehension of complex subjects with image. During a meeting or an internship, the designer skectches in live, with keywords and drawings, the summary of the content. The live result allow people to read, understand and assimilate oral content.
Some frescoes are also made as part of commissioned illustrations.


Examples of realisations


Series of graphic facilitations about to the consultative workshops organized by the AÉSIO group on the subject of occupational health prevention. Here, one of the three design made. See the other designs.

Secours populaire

Facilitation graphique session in the conference of Perpignan for National Congress of Secours Populaire.

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Livesketching and graphic facilitation at a two-day seminar in Zurich for Beng's and the Kongsberg Group.

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Drawing created during the ministerial conference of SIGMA.

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