The live sketching

Congress, seminars and companies


Live sketching involves drawing during an event or a work meeting. The drawings (portraits or comic strips) are completed by with quotations notes in live. A live exhibition is set up as the drawings are created. During the breaks, the people remember what was said during the seminar / meeting by observing the drawings. The result can be digitized live to be posted on social networks, and / or used later for print or web media.

Examples of realisations

Association Éclat

Two days of immersion in Aurillac on a debate around the future of the street art festival. For this project, livesketching, note taking, sound recording and on-site exhibition. See this project


Reflection workshops on school mediation. This time, the work is done in two stages:
1 - The same day: drawing on site and taking notes with exhibition at the end of the day
2 - The following days: creation of graphic facilitation global design inspired by note taking and workshops, for the dissemination of the report.
See the complete work

Action Logement, 02/20

A day of live sketching dedicated to the rehabilitation of city centers for Action Logement. This time, a mixture of two techniques: observation and comics.
See more about this project

La Tortue bleue, 06/19

A day dedicated to help with job search.
See more about this project.

IMA, 04/19

A complete project: livesketching, illustration and layout for the restitution of the workshops of the IMA.
See more about this project.

CFPPA, 06/18

Journée de live sketching pour le bilan de fin d'année du CFPPA du Haut-Rhin
See more about this session

Kongsberg, 04/18

Day of livesketching for a symposium with the Bel group.
See more about this session

Digiworld 2016

Day of livesketching for a symposium with the Bel group.
See more about this session

Digiworld 2016

Two days of live sketching for the Digiworld Summit, about Digital Trust Economy.
See more about this session


CEDEP 2016

Series of 48 portraits Florent Courtaigne during training "Safety C21".

Pydio 2015

Serve of portraits in a company, in order to create a presentation in a website.
Realization of 25 portraits and 5 boards during a convention.