Home sweet home (2014)

Integrated animations in the film Home sweet Home by Nadine Naous.
Film produced by TS production.

For this work, I teamed up with Étienne Boguet who master the magic of movement.
I also realized the communication media of the film.

Following the financial difficulties of her father, the principal of a progressive school in a district of Beirut,
the director returns in Lebanon. Inside the family, frequent and often funny discussions are animated.
From these confrontations, the recent history of the country reveals and shows how the political changes irreversibly
can transform the society.

Clip 1

Home sweet home - extrait 1 from Etienne Bog on Vimeo.

Clip 2

Home sweet home - extrait 2 from Etienne Bog on Vimeo.

Clip 3

Home sweet home - extrait 3 from Etienne Bog on Vimeo.

Clip 4

Home sweet home - extrait 4 from Etienne Bog on Vimeo.


Poster of the movie (other posters on the graphic design page)