02/20/2015 12:11pm


Il pleut aussi sur Beyrouth 
(It also rains over Beirut)

Illustration and layout of Caroline Bourgeret’s book .
Released May 15, 2013 by Nova Publishing.

I made these illustrations after two trips in Lebanon (see the sketchbooks Lebanon 2011Lebanon 2010)
and numerous exchanges with the author, Caroline Bourgeret.

Summer 2006. For three months, Caroline, a young journalist at 23, is based in Beirut for a TV production company.
Overnight, she finds herself under the bombs and in the spotlight of the TV and Radio. When you are a journalist, 

there is what you say on direct TV, and what you feel behind. The consequences of war, we believe there on humanitarian, economic, geopolitical. But what's the impact on the soul and the heart? This book is an inside story in the form of letters during and after the first war. Without false modesty, the author tells how she went through these events, this country what she has seen, lived and felt. A dive into the guts of a young woman in the horror of war and in the intimate of a country.

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