The live sketching

Congress, seminars and companies


Live sketching consists on drawing during an event, or in the daily life of a team.
Portraits, comics and texts become the memory, highlight a purpose, an activity or the people behind a project.

Examples of realisations

Digiworld 2016

Day of livesketching for a symposium with the Bel group.
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Digiworld 2016

Two days of live sketching for the Digiworld Summit, about Digital Trust Economy.
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CEDEP 2016

Series of 48 portraits Florent Courtaigne during training "Safety C21".


Pydio 2015

Serve of portraits in a company, in order to create a presentation in a website.

CNEA congres 2015

Realization of 25 portraits and 5 boards during a convention.

Chromatiques 2014

Realization of seven portraits in work environment in order to create a greeting card.
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