01/14/2024 05:00pm

The palm grove around the House of the Oasis is immense and entirely irrigated by canals, like in Tizkmoudine. It once served as a stopover for caravans. The nomads maintained it as a place of rest but also as a food reserve. Dates, small and high in calories, are an excellent source of energy for travel. Later, families settled there.

Two musicians play tunes inspired by traditional Mauritanian Sufi songs. Like the trees around us, their music took root thanks to the passage of caravans.

The sky is filled with stars. I drink one last herbal tea with Aziz, who gives me a little leather camel, purchased that morning at the Guelmim souk. If the images that fill my head fade one day, this modest mount will be able to bring me back peacefully to Souss Massa.